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"He was such a nice, sweet young boy before that day... 

Who would've known one night could have changed a young boy so much..."

Play as Christopher, a kid left home alone with a terrifying STALKER on the loose! Try and survive in this 80's, PS1 inspired, Home Invasion Survival Horror game - OR DIE TRYING!

Join Christopher on the most terrifying night of his life! Evade this unknown, terrifying intruder within your very home! Don't go in the dark too long though - otherwise you might just lose your HEAD! 

Use this fully interactive world to your advantage by hiding in the dark, searching hidden areas for clues whilst evading your deadly NIGHT STALKER!

Key Features:

  • Tense Stealth Mechanics
  • Multiple Endings
  • Terrifying AI
  • Horrifying Soundtrack
  • Experimental horror at it's finest!
  • Beautiful PS1 Inspired Visuals
  • Intriguing Lore
  • Lots of hidden secrets
  • Replayability
  • Up to 1 hour of Gameplay


PLEASE NOTE: "BUGHOUSE" is an Experimental Psychological horror game and may not be suitable for anyone suffering with any mental illnesses. It contains scenes of Suicide, Depression, Self Harm and MPD. Thank you.


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BUGHOUSE v1.1 (MAC) 167 MB
BUGHOUSE v1.0 (WIN) 163 MB
BUGHOUSE v1.0 (MAC) 167 MB

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Hanging with my best friend Eric and doing chores! I don't know why mom wont let me hang with him... lame... Had a great time, creepy atmosphere, unsettling with the power going out, playing a short game of hide and seek with a home intruder, got all the endings! Pretty straight foward PS1 horror style of game. Enjoyed and would recommend if you want something that is about an ~1 hour long.

Jugué este juego en un vídeo, si quieres saber mas o menos como es, te recomiendo pasar a verlo, es bastante corto, hay que hacer algunas tareas y la historia te la cuentan a través de texto, la historia es mucho mas aterradora de lo que parece, me gustó mucho!

I played this game in one video, if you wanna know how it is, go and check it out, you have to do some tasks and the story is told to you through text. this game is more deep that it seems, I liked it a lot!

this game was pretty cool and it scared me a few times. I love all the hard work and i can't wait to play the other games!!

Anybody find that secret ending yet? I'm still curious weeks after playing lol

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Incredibly intense, the jumpscares were too much for my poor heart! Really enjoyed it! The atmosphere and sound game was on point! Well done Dev ❤️


Really enjoyed this, nice twist and a good story that isn't typical of these kind of games, fantastic atmosphere and made me extremely uncomfortable. I loved it!


Great game. I had such a good time with it. That being said, you scared me. I will never forgive you.

I really enjoy your games! I am excited for Lights Camera Slaughter!

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Easily one of the most intense games I've ever played, the suspense never lets up!

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loved the game i had alot of fun i found the game ending Awesome i haven't found the secret ending but i got the other good and bad endings anyway heres the vid enjoy 😁  

Thanks for playing! 


this is a nice game and i enjoyed the ambiance and tone visually, but the portrayals of DID ( aka previously MPD ) are vague and contradicted through notes and the doctor’s analysis, along with what christopher experiences. i’ve seen the creator’s other work like the house of rats which is nice as well, and while i also enjoy this one, the portrayals of DID and how others experience it don’t seem to be well thought out and more as a ‘ twist ‘ than any real input


Pretty good game. The scares were definitely effective and the house is creepy even when nothing is happening. I spent an hour or 2 looking for the secret ending but had no luck. I'm out of ideas for that so good luck to those who try. Thanks for the fun!


Short fun horror game, great work in the audio it works perfectly in the game, really builds up the dread in the game.

I had to give up on the secret ending, I have no idea where it could be, I have explored everywhere led Eric in every room. Still nothing, no idea how many times I’ve completed the game now but I can speedrun it in around three to five minutes. 

Had a lot of strange bugs, some really funny, watching Eric just staring at the garage door. If you can run into him when he is not chasing you, you can make him despawn and you are stuck zooming until he reappears (Does not always happen). Sometimes starting again right after completing a run will have Eric standing at the window before you do any chores. On one occasion after talking to Eric I lost all controls, literally he just kept walking past me, I was pleading for death. I have no idea how I did this but the bug only happened once. Oh and I found a way out the map, does not always work but in the chase at the end with Eric if you run into him he won’t always kill you and just push you back, you can use this to get through walls. Only managed in one playthrough, was attempting to use this to search out of bounds areas it just does not always work.

Still that might seem like a lot of bugs but I played the game a lot trying for the secret ending, I would not be surprised if it was 100+ playthroughs in the end. It was a lot of fun trying, but however you get it you have done a great job in hiding it.


Everything in your game is so freaking loud... having hearing issues? Jesus.


Sorry if it was too loud for you, there’s always a volume slider you can use to turn down the volume

more patch coming soon?


This game is absolutely terrifying if you let yourself get immersed in it. These home invasion types are my biggest weakness I'll admit, but there's a lot going on here that is done really well. I tried for an hour and a half to find that secret ending but couldn't find it either. I hope someone finds it soon lol

Thanks for making games!


Thank you for playing! Loved watching this video :)

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Gave it a Lets Play, very nice, couldn't get/discover the Secret Ending but I enjoyed especially, the ambiance/music in the game that really helped increase tension when I was unsure what to expect at the start. Gj! 

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These killers is always on the loose and the police are never to be found.. Thanos quote - “Fine I’ll do it myself.” lol I was running the whole time though


Thanks for playing! Made me laugh! :)


Awesome game! As soon as it started I was creeped out-- you can tell because I was crouching when I really didn't need to be... yet. I also loved the demo and prologue of LCS, looking forward to more of that. Keep up the good work!


No-commentary playthrough:

Creepy quickie with a disturbing story and great visuals!  I'll be looking forward to your next game!

Thank you! New games coming next month :)

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Tense game! Will upload a video on it, though I'd report there is a bug where after reaching the end of the game, and playing a new game, the flashlight becomes unusable. Also out of curiosity, is there more than 2 endings?

[Update] Also the Exit button on the main menu I think breaks too.


Thank you for playing - I appreciate it! I'll work on a fix right now, sorry! Yes there's another secret ending :)


Not a problem, one other thing I'd highlight is there's a 'Noise' in the garage that maybe shouldn't be there except 'later', I'm thinking was just a mild oversight unless the 'noise' was intended. Cheers.


That noise was intended don't worry, I thought it would make sense to the player, but I can see now that it might be confusing at first - looking forward to your upload!


wow i wasnt expecting this game to be that scary. good job cant wait to play light slaughter camera 

Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it :)