Vilomah is now Released!


I've been working on Vilomah for many months now and I've learnt so much during these past months since Bughouse's initial launch. This has helped me sculpt my new Survival Horror game - Vilomah!

The Story:

Play as Jake, a teenager working the late shift in "Sal's Pizzeria" - until he's called to deliver to the HOUSE OF NIGHTMARES! Avoid this TERRIFYING KILLER in an abandoned Farm House, filled with Challenging Puzzles, Deadly Traps and Hidden Secrets!

The Hag:

Stay quiet and out of sight! She can sense when you're nearby, using her heightened senses... use your Stealth Bar to stay hidden, out of light and using cover to your advantage - otherwise she might just CATCH YOU!


  • Terrifying AI
  • Retro Inventory
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Tense Stealth Mechanics
  • Outstanding Sound Design
  • Classic PS1 Visuals
  • Togglable VHS Effects
  • Horrifying Original Soundtrack
  • Frightening Survival Horror
  • 1+ Hour Gameplay
  • Lots of Hidden Secrets!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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