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ive searched forever in the woods to find the house and there's nothing but an invisible wall preventing me from going any further. is this a bug or is the house just difficult to find?

Jugué este juego en un vídeo, el inicio es bastante rápido, solo hacer algunas tareas en la pizzeria, luego se convierte en un juego estilo granny donde debes ir haciendo puzzles para conseguir las llaves y escapar, lo malo es que es demasiado oscuro y difícil, la bruja siempre sabe donde estas y cuesta mucho poder investigar la casa, aun así es divertido pero desafiante, si quieres verlo antes de decidirte, te dejo mi vídeo :)

I played this game in a video, the start is quite fast, just do some tasks in the pizzeria, then it becomes a granny style game where you have to do puzzles to get the keys and escape, the bad thing is that it is too dark and difficult, the hag always knows where you are and it costs a lot to be able to investigate the house, even so it is fun but challenging, if you want to see it before deciding, I leave you my video :)

This video is just for the demo, i cant wait to play the full game!

Really enjoyed this game.slight bug where I'd leave the managers office and fall under the map, but it was genuinely terrifying when I got to the house! Well done.

Check out my video 🙂 sub if you want to see me play the full game. 


horrifying game loved it! 


so this is probably one of the hardest games iv ever had the pleasure to play took me about 3 hours to finish the game, but it was a challenge and i was up to the challenge, the atmosphere was fantastic, the gameplay mechanics were smooth and easy to understand and the story was great and simple, you can really tell the effort you put in here and was very reminiscent of granny but 1000x harder hahah great game 5 stars! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! 

Gave it a little Let's Play a bit ago, thought to share it here as well, is like Granny mixed with a  Puppet Combo type of Stay Out of the House gameplay.


One of the better Granny style games, just wish it wasn't so brutal by resetting all progress on each death, and I did run into a bug that got me stuck in a dresser.


I really do like how this feels like a completely new experience from the demo. It definitely takes inspiration from Nun Massacre and does most of it well! My biggest issue was the amount of bugs I encounter that wouldn't allow me to finish the game. However, that doesn't mean that this is a terrible game. Just needs a few tweaks with the AI and bug fixes (which I'm sure has happened since the recording of this video). Would definitely consider rejumping back into this game to beat it! 

i have bought this game and it wont let me play? every time i try to start the game up it tries to take me to my steam page to purchase the version on there? 

anything i do it wont let me play the game, i have even downloaded the itch desktop version in the hope it will make it realise it was purchased from itch but still it keeps taking me to steam to purchase the game 

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Hi, sorry for this issue. Not sure what happened, but it should be fixed. It may have been due to Steam's API running in the game - but this has been disabled now

- Please try redownloading and try again


this game scared the crap outta me. i really enjoy the game. (1) vilomah - YouTube

My Loudest Scream Playing A Horror Game | Vilomah 


This game had me stressed out. I had to deal with some pesky bugs that have thankfully been fixed so everything is good now. The game is a bit dark but never unreasonably, it's more of a warning for content creators who'd like to upload videos. You will go long periods without your flashlight on so it'll be tough for viewers to keep up.

Let's start with the good.

The graphics are fantastic in that retro aesthetic kind of way. The lighting in certain areas really draws out the feeling of how shitty of a situation you are in. If you're into PS1 aesthetic / retrowave Unity stuff, you'll like this.

The music is a jam. The pizza place is cool, but the music definitely elevates it. It made me happy to be there and have started the game so it's a fantastic way to introduce the player to the world.

Now let's talk about the issues I encountered.

The AI is a bit dumb but the smart kind of dumb so it saw me through walls sometimes and didn't know how to handle me hiding under a table. It seems to have the ability to know whatever floor you're currently on so that's annoying. 

The footsteps are completely untrustworthy so don't rely on those because even the directionality of the sound will lie to you. It doesn't matter much because after the 2nd or 3rd try, you'll be running all around the house not really caring about the chase. 

The initiation of the chase is so blaringly loud that it becomes obnoxious after the 2nd or 3rd chase and like I said, you'll be running around not caring about being chased so your ears will definitely be tortured by it. 

I can't think of anything else but I did enjoy the game. I felt pretty satisfied in beating it so I am glad that I played it. I'm just not too sure other people will have the patience for it.

Thanks for making games!


oh my god what a good game! a unique retro horror experience, claustrophobic vibes, agonizing moments, a craving for more. My God, you guys don't play around in service huh? I want a game like this on mobile heheh 🗿🍷

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) Possibly in the future...


Intense horror experience with some fun puzzles and a creepy soundtrack! Check out some gameplay: 


Thank you for playing! Loved the gameplay as always!