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In this demo, you play the prologue for the game "Lights Camera Slaughter". Play as a 911 Operator and Officer M. Andrews, on his final shift for the day before a strange 911 call comes from the Miller & Son Slaughterhouse, Masten Lake. Discover the atrocities which unravelled there and try to escape with your life! Good luck - make sure not to lose your head...


Lights Camera Slaughter is a First-Person Survival Horror Game based around the 1990s - with a matching aesthetic. Lights Camera Slaughter is a love letter to previous PS1 horror games titles but with unique twists. This game combines nostalgic, grainy visuals with modern-day gameplay features to create a surreal and terrifying experience!


  • Stealth Mechanics
  • Retro Inventory System
  • Terrifying AI
  • Classic Gunplay
  • And more!


  • This Demo may not contain some features which will be presented in the full edition. 
  • The average playtime for this demo is 20-25 minutes.
  • Some aspects may change from the final release of "Lights Camera Slaughter".
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Lights Camera Slaughter DEMO.rar 84 MB
Lights Camera Slaughter DEMO.zip 94 MB

Install instructions

Simply extract the .RAR or .ZIP anywhere onto your computer, then run the .EXE file!

Development log


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SO FRIGGIN COOL!! The suspense was fantastic and i loved the graphics. I hope this gets made into a full game!! 



great game so scary my computer couldn't even load in the game


i love this so much wow 

me encanto tu videojuego , muy tetrico y jajja no fue necesario juimpscare ni nada , el ambiente y la tension de ello me asustaba muchisimo , sigue asi !!! , te dejo aqui mi gameplay : D 

love the puppet combo vibes and it scared the pants off of me. keep it up

un juego interesante, una ambientaci贸n bien hecha y una sensaci贸n de escalofriante. 

I don't know what to make of this. lol


Here it goes:

2nd Part at 17:17 minute


Not sure where the camp of the cannibals demo went, but I still have footage from that, so enjoy!


Do you habe the files for the csmp of the cannibals demo? Would be really cool


If there's something in the first toilet you try, SURELY there's something in the others.


this RULED. im a sucker for PS-styled games and yall rocked it. loved the touch of humor along side the spookiness of it. 10/10 yall i look forward to seeing what you do next!

Liked the ps1 feel. First half was interesting, funny and says how annoying the dispatch caller's job is. The atmosphere etc and certain things just creep you out like hearing someone run while your trying to get through the fences in the second half. It kept on edge especially the loud banging noises jesus.  I did encounter some bugs that led me to playing the second half from beginning. Again assuming there is only one ending i felt the ending was not what i expected or felt abrupt. Overall however i do wanna see how the story pogresses. Good job devs! I am excited!


This game was literally so amazing. Just the atmospheric horror and noises, in general, bring the game alive. Also, let us not talk about how the jump scare made me scream so loud. I can definitely suggest anyone who plays this game will be in for a rude awakening.


Thanks for playing! The video was great man - keep it up

No problem, I really hope to play more games of yours.  Also, thanks for watching my video. 

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I wish we would have seen the slasher more. I know it's a prologue but because of how he appeared it felt like a bit of a let down. I guess we are lucky that a full game is going to happen. Best part of the game for me was to notice the glimpse of someone in the vents tho. Kinda scary.

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The demo was very interesting. The feel of the game gave me goosebumps and the plot of it was very nice. I cant wait for the final product.


I play your game! :D

I enjoyed both this and the previous demo you put out. The atmosphere has a real Grindhouse movie quality to it. My only critique is the moving textures on the walls - they were a bit distracting on the eyes and made me feel a little motion sick, unfortunately. Other than that, I added this to my wishlist and look forward to seeing the final version of this game.

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THANKS FOR THE CHAINSAW! Love the entire feel of this especially the throwback playstation vibes. def can't wait for more! 


I know I should've kept trying but it was VERY scary.

These kinds of games really get to me.

Amazing job.


i liked it.

I know there鈥檚 plenty of games out there currently with this retro look & feel but you really nailed the use of impossible / claustrophobic space in this one. It felt like I had already crossed a line into a weird, terrifying netherworld. I put it on my wishlist and am curious how the final game will look like. Great work!


What a blast! Didn't expect to get spooked so quickly! I haven't uploaded in 7 months -- so it was a pleasure that the first random game I pick was one of such good quality. Bravo!

So I took a break from making video's for a while, which means that I didn't play any horror games. Oh boy was that a mistake... My tolerance to horror games was completely gone and this game already has a very scary and disturibing vibe in and of itself, hence why I was shitting my diapers the entire way through.

I thought this game would take it somewhat of easy on me, but it didn't. This is one of those games that makes you feel like you're gonna get jumpscared, but then it doesn't so the entire way through I was super jumpy and braced for impact.

If my tolerance was a bit higher I would've absolutely enjoyed this game, but that only means that it truly did what it was supposed to do haha! The vibe is perfect, I loved the art style of the game, the introduction was really good and I didn't encounter any bugs or whatsoever.

Overall a very good game! I can't wait to play the full version! (Hopefully then I won't be too scared to walk normally xD)

i can't wait for the full game. this really gave me the creeps, and the art style is just chef's kiss. nice work!



THERE'S SOEMONE IN MY HOUSE!!! - Triple Threat #3 - YouTube


Really liked this demo, cant wait for the full release!  


This style is beyond comfy. Got some good bones here...wanna see them bones, wanna see it become a flesh suit of a great series! Keep it up!

Do you feel it? the air is electric with the tortured moans of the youtuber. Their pitiful cries sound out to an ocean of darkness, as they try and scrape any attention from the bottom of the barrel by latching onto great artists and their creations. Sickening, disgusting, and amusing...they will know fear and they will understand what it means to be unknown. 

I am the reaper of youtubers, the mere mention of yout*be sets off a frenzy the likes of which will never be seen again. They are strong children, but I am beyond strength...I AM THE END, and I have come for you(tubers)...now fall.


Thanks Garfield 馃槒


really looking forward to the finished product! had fun playing the demo!


Glad to give another of your projects a try! My only critique is the textures on some bits seem really wonky and REALLY messed with my eyes 馃槵 Overall, very well done and I anticipate the final result!




Actually scary! Made me feel like I was living in an 80's slasher film running and screaming for my life

got me good.. all i gotta say

Hahaha great video :P

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Bug: Once you install the valve, you can not see the installed valve and you can click missing valve multiple times

Bug: I think I clicked wrong number on keypad and I cannot interact with the keypad anymore


bug : they are in your ears at night.

I also had the keypad bug too. I entered the wrong password by accident because the number 6 doesn't make a sound when you click it, very misleading. I clicked it too many times and got the wrong password, then had to restart the game :(


It this bug? I can go though computer and desk


Every time a developer takes PuppetCombo as a major influence and they do it well, makes me so excited! I want the genre of  old VHS horror to become a staple of horror gaming, the more the merrier!" Nice game Disrate Studios, will be looking forward to more of your work."

Full Playthrough No Commentary 


Thanks man really appreciate the feedback! Love the video's intro btw hahaha so cool :)

Couldn't leave the initial room. No money for the vending machine and no option to drink water from the dispenser. No option to leave for work thirsty either.


Not sure what you mean? You need to go to the water dispenser, press "E" to interact and use your mouse or arrow keys to select "YES", then a cup will appear to fill and you will automatically collect - then go to the door and you will be able to leave


I tried that and no prompt opened up. The prompt opened up for the door for yes or no for some reason and I clicked yes but it did nothing and the prompt stayed stuck on the screen for a while. But it never appeared for the water dispenser. It seems like a great game and I love the vhs style, I just wish I was able to play it 馃槩  I'll try again soon. Thanks for responding!


Hmm, strange! Have you extracted the file fully from the .ZIP/.RAR? That might be an issue. If not, try redownloading the latest release and I'll see if I can fix it :) Thanks for the feedback!


Fun game! I had a great time, good job :D


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti


Bro this game had me sweating the whole time and NOT because I was wearing two jackets but thats besides the point. I Cannot wait for the full game to come out I wanna be the first one to play it. Left a rating for your game at the end of my video. Cheers 
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