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Break a leg! You play as an intern, working on a student film studio, working on their new release "Camp of the Cannibals"! After filming on a late-night, you find yourself alone, with no-one else in sight. Searching for everyone, you come across more questions than answers!

Lights, Camera, Slaughter! will feature a unique, PSX era style gameplay alongside cinematography VHS style visuals. This demo lasts roughly 5 minutes, and does NOT represent the finished product - storyline and visuals may change on full release. The full release features will include:

  • Dialogue System
  • Hiding/Sneaking
  • Clues
  • Expansive Lore
  • Music from MXXN
  • And much more

Play this prologue demo to gather a feel for the product, and follow me on my development journey! The end product will be free to download on Itch and Steam!

UPDATE #3: Added options for film grain and VHS effects - find the options in the "OPTIONS" menu on the home screen! Fixed the AI, added main menu music and a few bug fixes!

Feel free to make YouTube videos or reviews! Feedback is key :)

Can’t play? Watch DashieGamaes play! https://youtu.be/iv_SOz-h_Iw

Updated 3 days ago
Published 19 days ago
AuthorDisrate Studios
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, ps1, Slasher, Survival Horror, Unity, vhs
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

THIS IS A DEMO. 1) Download File (RAR or ZIPPED) 2) Extract onto Desktop/Folder 3) Run Lights, Camera, Slaughter!.exe 4) Prompt may appear for access to internet, this is optional but helps with gathering bugs/crashes


Lights Camera Slaughter.rar 65 MB
Lights Camera Slaughter.zip 72 MB

Development log


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I was caught off guard lol. But i want a full game for sure


Can't wait for the full release. I am a huge horror nerd (as you can probably tell from the background in my room if you watch the video) so this is my bread and butter. The video is 3 random games, this one is the last one I play:


(start 3:07)
Where was Synthia??

Yeah, she’s dead...




Great sound design and atmosphere! Looking forward to the full release!

Thank you! Looking forward to your full reaction :)


Had a blast playing this! The guy just came out of nowhere and the atmosphere of the game was set perfectly. I'm so hype for the full release of the game and will be playing it for sure! Great work Disrate!

Thank you! Great video, can't wait to see you playing the full release :)


I cant wait to see it I love games that are ps1 based

thanks! full release coming very soon :)


When will the full version come out?


I’m working on it right now, most likely next month :)


Had to play this twice because I didn't see the guy at the end, great concept, good vibe/spooks, definitely going to check out the full release!


Was not expecting it to be so short, but it did get me with that jump at the end! Can't wait to see a full release! Hope you enjoy the video! 


Thanks for the video! Full release coming soon :)

I gave it a go and it starts at 7:27 

just me n the unknown

Great game, even tho its a demo. Hopefully i can play the full game :D 


I only screamed 4 times, so you know, jokes on you! Absolutely loved this concept, it's gonna be a very tense game when it's complete! 

Loved the video man! Can't wait to see your reaction when it releases very soon! :)


LOVE IT! it gave me the chills just running around that forest and had me tripping! GOT ME GOOD AT THE END! Cheers for THIS MASTERPIECE!


Thanks for playing man! Loved the video, and glad you got spooked lmao, can't wait to see your reaction when it releases!


This is the stuff that keeps me a game dev :)

Glad to hear! First game too, so some inspiration there :)

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The game was dope. my only problem was it was too short and there isn't any exploration. But other then all of that I can't wait for the full version

Thanks for playing! Yeah the demo is quite short, full release coming soon with 30+ minutes gameplay :)


Just finished the demo and I love the premise of it. VHS style horror games always win me over but if you'd like you can watch my reaction here.

Thanks for playing! Full release coming soon :P


Thanks for making me doubt camping! Loved the ending jump scare!

Hahaha, thanks for playing! Can't wait to see you play the full release :)

I look forward to the full release!


That`s preety good


I love the title of this game. I didn't get many jump scares or anything out of this demo, I am thinking I might have gotten to the destination a little too quickly without exploring? Either way, look forward to the full release, drop me a message when its out!

Hey man thanks for playing! Yeah I should have made a way to pace out the start, as some people just run past everything (not your fault, my bad game design lol)! I’ll shoot you a message when it’s released :)



I LOVE the style of the game! I absolutely adore PSX and VHS style horror games! I had a lot of fun playing the demo and I'm really looking forward to the full version of this game! It had the right vibe, a good story so far and the sound design sent shivers down my spine! The sounds and unsettling music that played as I was being chased really put me in a fight or flight mode. The first time I didn't even see what happened, but only by the audio I could immediately tell something was horribly wrong and I should really run away as fast as I possibly could. Absolutely well done!! Looking forward to the full version! ;D

Thanks for the feedback! Means a lot :) I try my best to create a creepy, 80's horror atmosphere as best as I can - but the full release is a lot creepier and scarier so I'm looking forward to seeing your reaction :)



The elements of the game is so retro. the graphics (which I love btw), the sound, the ambiance of the game and so on and so forth. but I think I'm going to focus on the sounds. there are a bunch of loud noises in the game which I think is perfect for this game because the setting of this game is 1989 or something. But, I wish I could access the pause menu while playing the game. Because while I was playing it, I couldn't lower the volume of the game and I was playing with like the maximum volume.  

The beginning of the game is a little bit boring because you're just running around the area searching for your colleague. I think it would be more creepier if there were like some hints to what happened to your colleagues and stuff like that. 

The ending is like "I think I know where this is going" maybe I just played a lot of horror games that is why I knew it was going to happen. but still it got me lol. I was a little bit confused at the end because it just suddenly happened. In terms of gameplay, the game is pretty smooth I did not experience any bugs in the game which is really nice. and oh, the VHS effect made a lot of difference. I mean come on, it is VHS effect it is perfect for this kinda stuff.

anyway, pretty solid game. I had a lot of fun playing it. it made my heart race, it made me scream and it made my ears bleed (just kidding)

I'm sorry about the long feedback I just wanted to point out everything that I experienced while playing your scary but very fun game.

p.s game starts at 12:42

Hey thank you for the feedback, really appreciate the time you took to review it :) I’m working a lot on the full release to make sure it’s got all those issues fixed, such as the pause screen during gameplay. I’ve completely redone the level as well, to make it more enjoyable to play and with a lot more lore into the story! Looking forward to seeing you play :)


Pour les Francophones !

Merci beaucoup! :)


I absolutely love this game! Any frustration was not directed toward the game but to me being scared lol! I can't wait for the final product.

Hahaha no worries, glad you enjoyed :) Full release coming soon!


Awesome! Thanks for making a great game man


i don't really like horror games like this but im going to try!This game looks like it has great potencial! 

Haha thanks for trying anyway! Thank you, full release coming very soon :)


i've tried it its just like puppet combo games it was truly horrifying and had a dark story to it,i'm exited for he full version!

Thank you! Yeah, I get compared a lot to him lol, full version coming soon make sure to keep an eye out :)

I sure will!


was this inspired by puppet combo? even the cover art seems like puppet combo's style. also, i dont think its bad if you are inspired by him, or even if you copy some of the mechanics from his games. in fact, i think its good, because theres more games of this style to play. keep it up!

Hey, yeah it was! It was more inspired by his older work such as power drill massacre, but like you said I try not to copy. It’s my first game, and I’m trying to feel my own style in the mean time :)


  I love the vibe. I'm all about older 2000's games. Particularly resident evil. While the two are not super similar I love the look, feeling, and control. Great job! Can't await full release. 

Hey thank you! Yeah I really try and nail the old school vibe using the filters and graphics! Full release coming soon, working everyday on it :)


THIS GAME GAVE ME SOME SERIOUS PUPPET COMBO VIBES!!! Love the execution of the movie style horror game aspect! The game was short and sweet! Keep up the great work my man, can't wait to see the full game!!!

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Thank you! Appreciate the comparison lol, great video glad the jumpscare got you lmao can’t wait to see you play the full release! :)


I really love these styles of games. This demo was a bit short but it still managed to spook me. Its good stuff and I hope to play the full game when it releases!

Loved the video man, made me laugh :) Can't wait to see you play


You got that style! Nice demo 

No Commentary Full Demo

Thanks! Full release coming very soon :)


thanks so much to the Devs for making such a fun game! I got a lot of good laughs out of myself while i played this XD I really hope you enjoy the video i made!! 

Awesome video man! Glad you had some fun playing! Full release coming soon, can’t wait to see you play :)

heck yes!! Im so excited 


a nice little teaser lol


This was a great demo! It's just short enough that I was sad when it ended haha. Definitely psyched for the full release; it's the third game in my most recent 3 Scary Games video!

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, I’ve changed a lot since the demo but I’m glad you’re excited! 


I really enjoyed this!, I love horror games with these types of graphics and just the overall style, I will definitely be interested in playing the full version!. 

Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing you play it :)


The atmosphere in this game was top notch. The leaf crunching noises, the ambient sounds. They all just made the whole game feel so spooky. I felt really scared as i walked along the path even though nothign scary had happened just because of the overwhelming amount of sounds paired up with the shady visuals. 

A great and intruding demo otherwise, looking forward to the full release!

Hey thank you for the positive feedback - really appreciate it! I really try to create a dreading atmosphere, as you said. the full release will be 10x scarier so make sure to watch out for that :)


I did a 3 random horror games video, and yours was the best one I played. 34:37

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you liked it, full game coming out soon! :)


can't wait

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just dropped a gameplay to this check it out please and thank u

Thanks man, thanks for playing full release coming soon! 

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